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Abstract -- A G2−paracontact submersion is a semi-Riemannian submersionwhose total space is endowed with a G2-almost paracontactstructure. In this paper, the case of a G2−para-Sasakian and a G2−para-Kenmotsu manifolds are more specifica

Facilitating Collaboration Across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fields in Program Development is Critical to Providing a Strong Educational Foundation to all Learners in STEM Education.

Abstract -- Collaboration plays a major role in inter disciplinary activities among Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines or fields. It also affects the relationships among cluster members on the management team. Although collaboration does n

The Series of Reciprocals of Non-central Binomial Coefficients

Abstract -- Utilizing the properties of beta function, we can build one series involving reciprocal of non-central binomial coefficients, then We can structure several new series of reciprocals of non-central binomial coefficients by item splitting, these new created deno

Nonisothermal Film Blowing: Mathematical Insights

Abstract -- In this paper, we talk about the importance of having a proper mathematical description when dealing with problems that originate in Engineering. We describe part of our work regarding the nonisothermal situatio

Analytical methods to obtain the Energy of graphs

Abstract -- The energy of a graph is the sum of the absolute values of the eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of the graph in consideration. This quantity is studied in the context of spectral graph theory,and is related to the sum of

An H-Adaptive solution of the Richards' Equation

Abstract -- The Richards’ equation describes mathematically the flow of water into the unsaturated soil zone. The model proposed here consists on applying adaptivity with h-refinement in finite element analysis and obtaining a numerical h-adaptive

The Application of Customer Monetary Spending Model with Hazard Function and Cox Proportional Hazards Mode

Abstract -- This paper bases on the customer monetary spending model to propose the Hazard function to calculate the probability that customer purchase monetary more than a threshold baseline.This threshold baseline can be made by the company to control their minimum aven

Conjugacy Class Representatives for Group GL(q,F)

Abstract -- In this paper we show that a complete and irredundant set ofGL(q,F)–conjugacy class representatives of the primitiveKeywords -- irredundant set, conjugacy class, representatives

A Compound of Size Biased Geeta Distribution with Generalised Beta Distribution

Abstract -- A compound (mixture) distribution arises when all (or some) parameters of a distribution vary according to some probability distribution called the compounding (mixing) distribution. A well-known exampl


Abstract -- In this paper we prove a theorem of existence of a " good " solutionof a quantum model for a two-band Kane Hamiltonian system at the termalequilibrium. References -- [1] M.

Two Types of Connectivity indices of a Benzenoid System

Abstract -- Let G=(V,E) be a simple connected graph with vertex and edge sets V(G) and E(G), respectively. In chemical graph theory, the vertices of G correspond to the atoms and

Choosing Ideal Spouse with Applying Multi Criteria Decision Making Techniques

Abstract -- Complexity of social issues and various problems of human life, made the scientists of recent centuries, to describe, analyze and optimize the behavior of social and community problem solving and using quantities models an

The Chaotic Behavior for Some Types of Local Bifurcations

Abstract: In this paper, we will investigate the chaotic behavior  for one-dimensional vector field to undergo a saddle node bifurcation, transcritical bifurcation and pitchfork bifurcation, and also, two-dimensional vector fields

Boundary Controllability of Co-operative Neumann Parabolic Systems with Distributed or Boundary Observation

ABSTRACT In this communication,  acontrollability problems for co-operative parabolic linear system involving Laplace operator with boundary Neumann control and  distributed or  boundary observations are considered. Keywords


Abstract: This paper study some properties of martingales in a Banach space. In this paper, we also study the weak law of large numbers for matingales and we consider in the particular case the max convolution.
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